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Helpful Guidelines to send applications for appointment as Architects/Asst. Architects

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for visiting this page. You will find mentioned below the general guidelines which allow us to truly assess your competency for any particular position. While your selection cannot be guaranteed if you comply with these guidelines, your application will definitely be given priority over other applications which do not comply.We may also shortlist your application details for contacting you in near future.

Please note that only those candidates are called for interview who meet most of the requirements. This is also done to avoid inconvenience to applicants.

Please note that despite your adherence to the guidelines mentioned below, your successful selection and appointment depends upon several other factors such as :

1. Our current requirements should match your credentials and work experience.

2. Availability of vacancy slots for the position, which keeps changing from time to time.

3. Our assessment of the material/ information provided by you.

Here are the guidelines :

  1. Please do not send us your C.V. as a forwarded message or include multiple recipients in your email application. Our response may inadvertently be sent to others and may result in unnecessary confusion.
  2. Please send at least 2 examples of design drawings/working drawings/details in CAD format. These should be editable drawings files, which allow us to assess not only your ability, but also the discipline needed for operating software. More importantly, the way your have allocated layers, line styles, line weights, dimension styles, X-refs, will be noted.PDF files are usually not readable and do not correctly illustrate the CAD abilities.
  3. For experience in any photo imaging or CAD software, please attach soft copy your training certification (if any), which will properly mention your grade or level of expertise.
  4. Please attach scanned copy of your degree/ work experience certificate / mark sheet / recommendation letter / proof of participation in external competitions, as mentioned in your C.V.
  5. Please do not send multiple emails of same application and the same is likely to be marked as SPAM or filtered.
  6. It is helpful if you can attach scanned copy of your PAN card
  7. It is helpful if you can attach scanned copy of your proof of identity
  8. Please do not provide any external links in your CV as they are not considered.
  9. Any PDF attachment should be composed in a manner that your design/ drawing is clearly visible and legible.You are advised to view your own PDF files and check and see if they are readable to you.
  10. Your awareness regarding cost implication of any project will also be helpful. Hence, if your drawings are accompanied by a corresponding bill of quantity, it will be helpful
  11. Please also mention your expected salary in the CV.
  12. Please ensure you are submitting original work
  13. Any attachment should have your name. For example, if your name is "Suresh Mathur", and you are attaching your drawing file, it should be labelled as "Suresh Mathur.dwg". In case of multiple files, label them as "Suresh Mathur1.dwg" "Suresh Mathur2.dwg"

This page is for general guidelines which may be changed or modified from time to time.