The Army Golf Club is a well-known facility, located in Dhaula Kuan,New Delhi. Our firm was commissioned by M/s Seagram’s Manufacturing Limited (Currently Pernod Richard) to renovate the interiors of the bar which was approximately 3000 square feet in area. The vibrant interiors, coupled with design elements and mellow, unique mood lighting helped to highlight the achievement of the Armed Forces and lend a soothing touch to their demanding and disciplined work environment as well. The openings were widened to bring in more natural light which allowed the external golf course to “flow” into the interiors. The counter was positioned in the centre to facilitate seating near vantage points with commanding views. This is the island bar concept which is the most effective shape for bar design. It was flexible to accommodate wet bar facilities with stem glass holders, sink and bar faucet with pull out spray heads(one hand operation). The space below the counter was utilized effectively with built in racks and draw-inserts. integrated into the design. The counter-tops were made with stain resistant materials making it easy to maintain. A customized veneered ceiling blends the combination of soft and hard textures and colour pallette of the floor and walls, while contributing to a warm comfortable ambience. It also provided for a sound system. Other significant features included improving circulation through a curvilinear counter top and creating a blend of both public and private niches. Overall, the spaces designed aimed at a vibrant, yet dignified ambience. The entrance features a mirror backed side lit trophy display, proudly highlighting the achievements and memorabilia of the Armed Forces. As per Vaastu Shastra, food is best consumed and cooked, facing East and the Fire element is preferably located in the South East corner, while a small pantry can be located in the North West and South.Our recent research indicates that these and other design principles of Vastu Shastra contribute effective to the design of restaurants and bars as well.