The Central Board of Irrigation and Power has it's office located in Malcha Marg, Chanankyapuri, New Delhi. Our firm was commissioned to redesign the interior of their existing conference hall. The originally congested room was made dehiscent by increasing the false ceiling height.This required careful redesigning of the HVAC sytem without compromizing the efficiency of the air-conditioning. A hybrid linear-radial seating arrangement was created to accommodate more seating and improve the site lines thereby improving the viewing experience for every participant. Acoustic paneling was used to improved the sound quality. The central podium, standalone lectern and furniture are fully adaptable to set the stage for any kind of official event such as media briefings, lectures, seminars and webinars . The seating, flooring and false ceiling have been designed to accomodate advanced audio visual presentation media. Adaptive cabling designed for the overhead ceiling projection system allowed the user to display presentations both from the podium as well as the audience seating. The lighting design took into consideration the multiple and complex requirements of modern day conference rooms.