M/s Seagram Manufacturing Limited (now known as Pernod Ricard) were planning to help set up Duty Free Shops at the old Hyderabad and Bangalore International Airports for the Indian Tourism Development Corporation of India. S.G.Lakhanpal Associates was commissioned by them to design the shops in the Departure and Arrival lounges in a Total area of approximately 50000 square feet. A collaborative design dialogue was held with all stakeholders including the officials of Airport Authority of India as well as Indian Tourism Developement Corporation to evolve and implement an effective design program.Since such shops constitute a transitory space and had to cater to a global, heterogenous customer base,one of the essential keystones of our planning and furnishing proposal focussed on elements which would appeal to the Cultural, Social, Personal and Psychological buying needs of Customers of varied ethnicities.A salient feature of the design also included the innovative use of corner shelves and strategic design of niches to further increase product visibility as a trigger for the user's purchasing motivations and impulses.A comfortable ambience was created through the use of colors and lighting to encourage the travellers to spend more time in the shops to aid their decision making process. This also included designing placement holders for infographics and signages to ease the Customer's visual access to product information and pricing, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the sales teams to reduce billing downtime. Modular and flexible shelf placements allowed design adaptability to easily accomodate the fast and ever changing requirements of this niche market.