This was perhaps one of the simplest yet most challenging assignments. We were commissioned to renovate an existing pre-school of an approximate area of 7000 square feet, in a manner that children in the age group of 2 to 4 years would like and relate to every aspect of the building. It required intensive interaction with children, their parents as well as the administrative staff over a period of 6 months before the first line was even drawn .!! The entire design had to be viewed from the scale of the child, keeping in view the safety aspect at all times. Apart from an interactive façade, every space, both internal and external was designed in a manner which would sustain a child’s interest.The school's management was extremely sensitive that any improvements must respond to and appeal to the child's sense of well being. The scale, colours and other design elements were articulated to encourage children to learn and get acquainted with the basic concepts of social interaction, team work, discipline and assimilating a variety of information in appealing formats, primarily through visual and sensory perceptions. We have been informed that the children were indeed very happy with the results.In our current research, we have found that young minds respond positively to an ambience designed as per the principles of Vaastu Shastra. It helps them connect well to Nature and to each other.