Chitrakoot is an area located on the border of two states in India, namely Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. It has a strong historical and mythological significance in the Hindu religion as it is believed that Lord Ram spent 11 of his 14 years of exile in this location and has been extensively mentioned in the Ramayana.The Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are believed to have taken their incarnation in Chitrakoot.() Lakhs of pilgrims throng to this location which has several holy and scenic locations within a radius of 5 square kilometers. The Housing Board of Madhya Pradesh had invited a National Level Competition to explore the various possibilities of development in this area. Our firm along with our other strategic business unit ZeitGeisT Advisorate in collaboration with Infrastructure Leasing and Finance Services made the concept presentation and won this competition. Our proposal was based on these fundamental issues :

We presented a detailed scale model of the Ghat development along the Mandakini River. Our proposal included the improvement of the central spine connecting the sacred locations such as Kamadgiri, Gupt Godavari, Sphatic Shilla and Hanuman Dhara. Each sacred location was meticulously studied and surveyed and detailed plans were prepared by us for the purpose of enhancing the beauty these spaces by decongesting the approach roads, landscaping and street furniture. Detailed drawings of entrance gateways and pillars as per the divine proportions of Vedic Architecture and Vastu Concepts were prepared by us to re create the magnificence of the ancient times, using modern methodologies. Our extensive interaction with the local stakeholders including the legendary Late Sh. Nanaji Deshmukh and the feedback of Sh. L.K.Advani ji helped expand the vision for the development of this Sacred Space. The development has since been implemented on the broad guidelines of our proposals.