Ozone is a well known chain of high quality fitness centers in India. Our firm, Studio G Lakhanpal was commissioned to design their gymnasium.The location is near Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.The interior design area is approximately 16000 square feet on 2 floors.The spaces designed included the cardio and weights sections, aerobics and cycling rooms as well as spa and sauna for mental rest and relaxation to aid in recovery.This allowed their team of fitness experts to design varied fitness programs, something which most atheletes need to prevent adaptation. Some of the salient features of the design were a free form high false ceiling to accommodate fitness equipments of varied heights, maximum natural lighting and an optimum air conditioning design to allow more fresh air, reduce the migration of odour and control humidity. Special attention was also paid to incorporating various textures in the flooring to address the need for specific work out areas such as cushioned flooring and carpets. Impact resistant and mirrored walls addressed the safety protocols which are extremely important, specially for weight training.For added safety, proper circulation space was provided around all gym equipments. Accoustical controls in the form of sound baffles reduced the impact of noise in weight training and cycling zones.Free Form design elements were created to help users overcome visual fatigue, which often occurs for professionals and regular users of any fitness regimen. A flexible design format was adopted to cater both to all sections of the population as well as the niche segment of professionals or those under medical advice.Adequate provision was made for the gym staff and coaches enabling them to design general or customized fitness programmes while also focussing on their own professional goals. Well lit display shelves allowed for proper product placements to assist the users in making their purchasing decisions for fitness aids and supplements. Certain design guidelines benchmarked against international standards were implemented for this gym. It is said that Vaastu and physical well being of the inhabitants are closely interconnected. Given the positive aspects of Vaastu, we intend to integrate the sacred geometric proportions of Vaastu Shastra to further enhance the ambience of fitness centers.