M/s Seagram Manufacturing Limited (now known as Pernod Ricard) was planning to set up its corporate head office in Gurgaon in an area of approximately 20000 square feet. S.G.Lakhanpal Associates had prepared the concept design and were the project management consultants. For nearly six months after appointment, intensive case studies and design workshops were conducted by us, along with the stakeholders, so that the design would be functional, aesthetic and reflect to a certain degree, the ethos of the company. Under our project management and the dedicated involvement of all the stakeholders, the project was completed in 3 months. The office features about 10 cabins and 40 workstations in various clusters, a cafeteria, 1 conference room and 3 meeting rooms.Our inputs for Vastu included designing the offices of the Senior Management in the South West Direction. The Senior Management were also seated with an East-North orientation. The Cafetaria was located towards the South East. The South and South West had full height cabins whereas the North side workstations were low height. While the shape of the building had some curves and the length is to width ratio had certain issues, it appears that thanks to the positive approach and hard work of our Clients, the Vastu placements helped this organization grow from strength to strength. M/s Spazzio Design Architecture Private Limited were the interior designers. M/s Pernod Ricard had to soon rapidly expand their office space and subsequently shifted their corporate head office.We feel proud of being part of their success story.